Our hotel rooms...

You can sleep peacefully in the healthy atmosphere of the pine woods, whose scent is known to have a positive effect on sleep. The rooms are provided with a bottom- and side-hinged window, and a shutter which can completely dim your room. We have particularly focused on the acoustic isolation between the rooms.
All the rooms are conceived so that the maximum hygiene is guaranteed.
The floor is tiled with Heugaveldt carpet tiles, the walls are covered with washable Bekaert Textile with silicone protection.
The bathroom is tiled and the walls are covered with Trespa Virtuon, which guarantees an optimal washability.
Prevention of the legionella is achieved through the fact that the shower tap has 3 connecting points (cold, warm- and return warm water). The legionella bacterium cannot become settled thanks to the continuous warm water circulation.
The cupboard, table and suitcase plank are made of Trespa Metallic, which renders them free from bumps and scratches. In the room there are enough sockets available, but be careful! Belgian sockets have the French ground pin, so that sockets from NL, UK, DE, USA cannot be used.
We wish you a peaceful and healthy night rest.

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