Enjoy the green Antwerp Kempen...
  Fauwater Hotel & Chaletpark
Lichtaartsebaan 52
2460 Kasterlee
BE - België

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Email: info@fauwater.be
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Kortbij: Bobbejaanland!
Kempen Campings:
Hotel Fauwater is beautifully located: a few kilometers away from the tourist towns of Kasterlee and Lichtaart, and less than 4 km from the famous and lively amusement park Bobbejaanland.

Our hotel is situated in the walking area called Hoge Mouw and behind us lies the recreation park Hoge Rielen, where you can take splendid walks and bicycle trips.

Also in the neighbourhood are the famous walking and bicycle junctions: you can make up your own itinerary and discover for yourself these beautiful surroundings.

There are also thematic routes like the Corsendonkroute and the Prinsenroute, through these routes you can almost discover the whole Kempen. And the Kempen has a lot of nice things to offer...

Not only the amateur cyclist can enjoy our beautiful region: even the more serious cyclists amongst us will find it to their liking. They can enjoy the BLOSO mountain bike routes, and more specifically the routes between Kasterlee and Herentals, which can offer various distances.

If you want to know more about group events and sportive weekends, check http://www.locat.be/.
Bicycles and mountain bikes can be rented at the bicycle shop Van De Water in Kasterlee: fietsen.vandewater@skynet.be or telephone (00 32 (0)14-85 05 25).

Our region offers attractions for children as well: the children Farmhouse De Viersprong in Kasterlee, for example: here you can take part in the farming life. The Kabouterkensberg in Kasterlee also guarantees true amusement for the little ones: children are accompanied, they become kabouters (gnomes) and must look for the gnomes' house... A true adventure.

Our region offers everything for people of all ages.
How can you reach us using public transport?
By train until Turnhout and from there with bus nr 304 direction Leuven, departing 35 min. after 9 -12 -15 -18 h.  - get off stop "Koningsbos" (50 m from our camping).
If you prefer to be collected at the station, please get off at Tielen station and give us a call when you're there.
Tielen is 4 km from our hotel and is located between Herentals and Turnhout.
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